This post is for you, Naomi.

Barack Obama is not sexist, racist, age-ist or the Anti-Christ. He is certainly not an idiot. I say this because some people on the right are treating Senator Obama’s inadvertent blunder as a sure sign that the Illinois Senator is a few tools short of a full shed. Not only is this demeaning to a duly elected public official, but it is also injurious to the Republican cause.

Senator Obama has proved time and again that that he is both highly intelligent and a gifted orator. To try to portray him as foolish at this stage of the game smacks of willful blindness. To think that a man of his abilities would knowingly call Gov. Palin a “pig” is, in my mind, a bit ludicrous. His statement was obviously a figure of speech, one which both he and Senator McCain have used before, and was not meant at all to be an attack on Governor Palin. Was it an unfortunate simile? Yes, and it is one that should not have been used after Governor Palin’s lipstick comment in her convention address. However, it is readily apparent that Senator Obama is sincere when he says that his statement was not meant as a personal attack. The right’s response to this slip has been farcical, and does nothing to nourish the goodwill that has been generated by the unwarranted media attacks on Governor Palin.

UPDATE: Dr. John Mark Reynolds has posted an excellent blog on this issue. Highly recommended. Also, here’s an interesting article with a different take on the issue.