Act Like Life Matters Saturday, Oct 18 2008 

Warning: Most vitriolic post ever.

If you never again read anything that I recommend to you regarding this campaign, or politics in general, please read the following:

UPDATE: Don’t know why I didn’t have this link here in the first place: The National Right to Life White Paper

I have quite a few friends and loved ones who are voting for Senator Obama in the election this year for varied and sundry reasons. Some like his view on the War, some his view on the economy, some his view on the enviroment and some his view on not being George W. Bush. Though I may disagree with these reasons, these are, I think, justifiable reasons for voting for Senator Obama for President. However, where I think every Christian should draw the line on voting for Senator Obama is his view on abortion and the right to life. Again, please read the above articles before reading the rest of this post.

Even supporters of Obama can admit that his legislative record is fairly short. He has been a U.S. Senator for almost four years. Before that, he was an Illinois state senator for eight years. But this is not a post about his experience. What is really striking to me is that much of what his supporters are basing their hopes on is just that: hope. People hope that he will fix the economy. People hope that he will save the enviroment. People hope that he will deal well with world leaders, and make just decisions when overseeing Congressional legislation. But he has no track record of doing anything of the sort (He is, however, not George W. Bush. So that hope is well founded). I am not saying that his track record runs the opposite way in regard to this issues. What I am saying is that his track record does not run at all. But, again, this is not a post about his experience.

One of the few things in which Senator Obama does have a record is his support of abortion and his opposition of the culture of life. Yes, this is a strong statement. However, I believe that the articles above bear out my accusation. The article by Dr. George is correct. Senator Obama’s positions on abortion are a matter of record. Look them up. I have. This one takes considerably more digging, since it will give you a list of everything that Obama’s name is attached to in his term as a Senator. Here is the transcript of a session of the Illinois legislature where Senator Obama opposes the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (Obama’s opposition begins on page 85). Please note that the “induced abortion” that he is talking about is also known as partial birth abortion. The main point that he is making is that children who survive partial birth abortions aren’t really people, and thus are not protected under the equal protection clause of the constitution. Thankfully, this billĀ  passed 34-6 despite Obama’s opposition.

Please consider this carefully before you vote for Senator Obama for President. He has said that the first thing he will do when he takes office is sign the Freedom of Choice Act into law, which would sweep away all local and state limitations on abortion and allow a child to be aborted at any stage of a pregnancy. He has said that support for Roe v. Wade would be a prerequisite for any person he appointed to the Supreme Court. This last is especially concerning, as rumor has it that 4-6 of the Supreme Court justices will be retiring during the next 4-8 years. When they retire, Obama will replace them with staunchly pro-abortion justices, who will prevent any overthrow of Roe v. Wade for years to come. Futhermore, Obama not only supports embryonic stem cell research, to the exclusion of alternative stem cell research methods that would not require the destruction of children, but he also supports legislation that would prevent bringing any of these embyros to term. He supports legislation that would legalize the mass production of embryos for stem cell research, resulting in the deaths of thousands more children per year.

Obviously, if you are pro-choice, these arguments won’t matter at all to you. But if you are pro-life then this should matter. In my opinion, this is the most important issue at stake this election cycle. More than the economy. More than the war. More than the enviroment. Abortion has already killed over 49 million children in the U.S. alone since 1973. This is your chance to do something to put a stop to this evil practice.

In the forum at Saddleback Church, Senator Obama said that it is “above his paygrade” to determine when life begins. Friends, this was a lie. His actions time and again have shown that he does not regard the unborn as being human, and that their right to life is entirely dependent on the choice of their mothers.

Friends, please, act like life matters. Vote for John McCain.

P.S. If you have any questions or concerns about a McCain presidency, I would be happy to help you address them. I readily admit that McCain is not perfect and that I don’t agree with all of his ideas. But compared to the culture of death we would get if Obama is elected, I will not hesitate to vote for McCain.


Machosauce Monday, Oct 13 2008 

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